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From time to time, our practice sees a need for a bit of explanation to occur with regard to things that are happening around us.  This may be a very local matter (Copperfield, Houston, etc.) or on a much larger scale (USA or world).

CFM strives to clearly explain concepts such as how things happen, why things need to happen, or what things shouldn't happen.  Sometimes we run across a pre-composed idea that we couldn't say any better ourselves and may just post it as is (or link to it).

This page, titled "Education", is an attempt to assemble a variety of interesting subjects that are relevant to our community and offer some assistance to help each other coexist with as much harmony as possible.  (Some things here may be just for fun, too.)  It is intended to evolve as science makes new discoveries and current events change the globe.  We encourage you to check back periodically to see what's been added.

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In hopes of keeping this space tidy, subjects are listed with a brief description, and the full article may be selected by simply "clicking" on the subject title.  

 Generic vs. Brand Name .pdf
41.2 KB

(A discussion on the differences to consider when taking a prescription medication) 

Fasting for Lab Tests .pdf
31.3 KB

(Some answers to common questions about eating/drinking before having tests done)

Healthcare Secrets Handout .pdf
131.7 KB

(Four pages of some lesser-known elements involved with providing care)

Flu Shot Myths .pdf
83.5 KB

(Six things you should know about the influenza vaccine)

Why Vaccines are So Important...pdf
271.0 KB

(An interview with a pediatrician on why everyone needs immunizations)

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